How To Market to Millennials

The largest living generation today are the millennials. They are known to be well-informed, they have a voice and they drive trends to be on the spotlight make it stay there for as long as they want. Because of these, they are the market that is the most challenging to please and convince. Unlike previous generations, they don’t really respond to the traditional kind of advertising and marketing anymore. So how should a company market to millennials?


Gathered from different experts in southeast Asia like the search engine marketing expert in Philippines , here’s how to market to this challenging demographic. Since millennials like being involved, you should make them the star of your campaign, and make it interactive. Create promos that will make them submit photos of themselves wearing the latest elegant one piece jumpsuit your company just released for a chance to win a shopping spree. This group likes to see themselves in the media they consume more than 5 hours a day so it’s best to use this approach to your advantage. You may also use hashtags and invite them to jump in the bandwagon and appeal to the “FOMO” a.k.a fear of missing out. Offer them a unique experience in a fun event they can join in and share to their friends on social media.


Make your products for example dressy rompers and jumpsuits post-worthy. For your amazon sterling silver earrings to sell, make sure it’s Instagramable. Create an aesthetic set for photoshoots and hire a talented photographer to produce the shots that millennials are so ready to like and share. A lot of restaurant owners make sure to work on the plating and appearance, as much as the taste of their food. The trick is to make them drool over how it looks and jump out of excitement because of how it tastes. They will surely post it online. Once it’s posted online, you have a free advertisement going around. The word-of-mouth is powerful and effective to millennials because they trust the person that are expert in the industry like CEBU SEO who shared it to them. Whether its from a friend or their cousin, they’re bound to try it because someone they know said so. This is also why many brands invest on influencers. Millennials trust the recommendations of their idols and favorite influencers.The most effective way for influencers to convince millennials is through uploading a vlog or blog telling the audience what they think about it.


The most important thing to remember is to be authentic with your content. Millennials can spot a paid advertisement even from a mile away. They are very well aware with what is marketing and what is real. When marketing to millennials, it’s best to give them real and doable tips, honest reviews, and transparency about the company’s values and purpose. Being authentic is much more than just marketing to them, but also creating a connection. On top of all these tips, don’t forget to listen. Listen to what they want because giving them what they want means you value their voice and are ready to cater to their needs. Once you do that, you’ll surely have lots of orders waiting to be check out.


Millennials may be a tough crowd to please, but once you get their attention and capture their hearts, you’re definitely on the road to success. The key is to understand them as a whole and appeal to their values.