How to do Marketing Strategy Effortlessly

In establishing a business, a marketing strategy will never be missing in any of your business plan, as it will serve as your key to lure customers. However, others would define a marketing strategy similar to a marketing plan which is not correct.

The marketing plan will give you a detailed information how to achieve your goals for your business, while on the other hand, the marketing strategy answers the question of what are your goals?. What and How are far different from each other and that’s what make the two terms distinct from one another.

In formulating a marketing strategy, the first thing that a businessman and marketing strategist like Cebu SEO should do is to identify the the benefits of your product or service to the consumers who’re buying products from Pet Supplies Online Store and how different is the unique selling proposition it has that your competitor don’t have. Focus on that and research it.

Afterwards, when you are through with your research you can write your ideas and notion that integrates the 5 P’s in your marketing mix:


  • PRODUCT– What are you selling? It should contain the packaging creativity and the distinction of the product from the competitors and its advantage.
  • PRICE– How costly will your product be? Make sure that the price is worth it from the raw materials used. Stick to the principle of quality over quantity.
  • PLACE– Where will be your products to sold? The place of your product won’t just be about the setting itself, but how will the transactions takes place? Or how will the customers contact you at any cause?


  • PEOPLE– Who will help you? This is actually the new P in a marketing mix. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to hire potential individuals that would help you in producing an invention that would be a-click to the society. Your product may be a winter rompers for women, tankini swimwear and earrings amazon.

How To Market to Millennials

The largest living generation today are the millennials. They are known to be well-informed, they have a voice and they drive trends to be on the spotlight make it stay there for as long as they want. Because of these, they are the market that is the most challenging to please and convince. Unlike previous generations, they don’t really respond to the traditional kind of advertising and marketing anymore. So how should a company market to millennials?


Gathered from different experts in southeast Asia like the search engine marketing expert in Philippines , here’s how to market to this challenging demographic. Since millennials like being involved, you should make them the star of your campaign, and make it interactive. Create promos that will make them submit photos of themselves wearing the latest elegant one piece jumpsuit your company just released for a chance to win a shopping spree. This group likes to see themselves in the media they consume more than 5 hours a day so it’s best to use this approach to your advantage. You may also use hashtags and invite them to jump in the bandwagon and appeal to the “FOMO” a.k.a fear of missing out. Offer them a unique experience in a fun event they can join in and share to their friends on social media.


Make your products for example dressy rompers and jumpsuits post-worthy. For your amazon sterling silver earrings to sell, make sure it’s Instagramable. Create an aesthetic set for photoshoots and hire a talented photographer to produce the shots that millennials are so ready to like and share. A lot of restaurant owners make sure to work on the plating and appearance, as much as the taste of their food. The trick is to make them drool over how it looks and jump out of excitement because of how it tastes. They will surely post it online. Once it’s posted online, you have a free advertisement going around. The word-of-mouth is powerful and effective to millennials because they trust the person that are expert in the industry like CEBU SEO who shared it to them. Whether its from a friend or their cousin, they’re bound to try it because someone they know said so. This is also why many brands invest on influencers. Millennials trust the recommendations of their idols and favorite influencers.The most effective way for influencers to convince millennials is through uploading a vlog or blog telling the audience what they think about it.


The most important thing to remember is to be authentic with your content. Millennials can spot a paid advertisement even from a mile away. They are very well aware with what is marketing and what is real. When marketing to millennials, it’s best to give them real and doable tips, honest reviews, and transparency about the company’s values and purpose. Being authentic is much more than just marketing to them, but also creating a connection. On top of all these tips, don’t forget to listen. Listen to what they want because giving them what they want means you value their voice and are ready to cater to their needs. Once you do that, you’ll surely have lots of orders waiting to be check out.


Millennials may be a tough crowd to please, but once you get their attention and capture their hearts, you’re definitely on the road to success. The key is to understand them as a whole and appeal to their values.

Four Important Tips to Deal with Stress

Living in the city where living the best SEO specialist CEBU isn’t exactly a very relaxing scene to be in. People are so busy here & there, traffic everywhere, and there’s hardly a place you could get some fresh air. The city life is beautiful like no other, but you can’t deny that stress will always be a part of it. Here are a few tips to deal with it.

  • Talk to Someone

Just simply having someone to listen to you talking about how your day went can go a long way. Talking can distract you from the negative vibes and can help clear your mind. It calms you down and put problems into perspective.This can help you make better decisions and have a better mood for the rest of the day.

  • Try Relaxation Techniques

You can try self-hypnosis, coloring or doodling to relieve stress. Focus on one word that has a positive meaning to you such as “calm” or “peace” and just keep thinking about that. To the artsy ones, you can relieve stress through colors or drawings. Example: wolf lovers could doodle a wolf and you can even color it afterwards if you still have the energy. Another way to relax yourself is to repeat a mantra in your head such as “keep calm” or Ï can do this”. Just think of it as a short meditation you can do anytime, anywhere.

  • Indulge in Physical Activity

Stressful situations may increase stressful hormones in your body which you need to control. Go to the gym and work that abs or go shopping and buy that watch or rose gold sequin dress you’ve had your eyes on or visit online pet supply store for your fur pets. Incorporating any physical activity to your daily routine can really help you release the stress you really don’t need.

  • Get Some Sleep

After a long and stressful 8 hours, end your day with a beautiful sleep. Take a warm bath or read a book to calm your body, tire your eyes and forget about the things that worry you. Make sure to get 6-8 hours of sleep to give your body the ample amount of time to rest and regain stress for the next day.

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